3 Tips to Increasing Digital Advertising Efficiency

BY Rachel Cagle
Featured image for “3 Tips to Increasing Digital Advertising Efficiency”

Digital ads are the current kings of advertising, there’s no doubt about that. They’ve never been more accessible and most companies are utilizing digital ads to take advantage of that reach. However, just because everyone is using digital doesn’t mean they’re using it as effectively as they could be. Here are three digital tips to take notice of from Brian Finnerty’s article, “The Top 10 Trends in Digital Advertising.”

Take Advantage of Video

Finnerty quotes comScore research as stating that 64% of internet users are more willing to buy a product that they’ve seen advertised via video. Video ads give digital advertisers a wealth of directions to take to appeal to different consumers. They can connect viewers to a product or service on an emotional level by being humorous or by telling a story. Or they can give watchers a somewhat hands-​on experience by simply featuring the product or service fulfilling its intended purpose and showing how it works. Digital video is a diverse medium that will make up 82% of online consumer traffic within the next three years, according to Cisco. Don’t let your clients be left out.

Fit Voice into Search Strategies

Voice-​driven assistants are only becoming more popular. Instead of typing in a search field for a place to eat, we ask Siri. When we want to know the weather forecast or even just a fun fact, we talk with Alexa. That’s why digital advertisers need to conform their search strategies to include terms that are more likely to be spoken than typed. We often speak to our virtual assistants as if we’re conversing with another person, so add sentences to your search keywords instead of using only stand-​alone words. Also, when we ask our phones something instead of taking the time to type it out, we’re likely in a hurry and are more likely to be searching for something we can find locally. Therefore, terms such as, “near me,” and the name of the neighborhood and/​or town/​city where consumers can purchase your clients’ goods services should be included.

Include Audiences in Search

Going along with the previous search point, the specific audiences your clients are targeting should be included in the search keywords they’re using. “Advertisers using Similar Audiences in conjunction with remarketing on Marin’s platform are seeing strong campaign results, including 40%+ increases in clicks and conversions,” says Finnerty. So, talk with your clients about the benefits of targeting their core audiences even further by adding the audiences as keywords in their search strategies.