3 Tips to Up Your Customer Service Game

BY Rachel Cagle
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You’ve probably heard it said that retaining your current clients is more lucrative than finding new ones. And the key to successfully retaining clients is quality customer service. What can you do to improve the quality of your service and ensure client satisfaction? Try these tips from Adrian Eli Estrella, writing for CustomerThink.

What You Need to Up Your Customer Service Game

Positive Language

This may be an aspect of customer service that you haven’t given much thought to. But think about it. If your clients reach out to you and you aren’t positive, why should they be? No one wants to work with someone with a contagiously negative attitude. So, make sure that every interaction you have with your clients is full of positive language.

But what about when they call me with a problem and are really upset?” you may ask. Yes, you do want to be empathetic about the client’s situation, which is negative. And yes, speaking too happily during a crisis will not go over well with the client and may even fuel their rage. However, you need to look for a middle ground. You may not be able to sound chipper during your correspondence, but that doesn’t mean you have to be negative. Make sure your responses to and interactions with your client are hopeful and optimistic. If you have confidence that their problem will be solved quickly and efficiently, that attitude may be contagious. Getting your clients into a better state of mind is a key to good customer service.

Eagerness to Learn

No matter how friendly a customer support representative may be, if they lack the determination and drive to really answer a customer’s question or solve their problem, it’s all useless in the end,” says Estrella. When your client comes to you with a question or problem, they expect to have a timely answer. If you lack an eagerness to learn how to solve the client’s problem or find the answer to a question you don’t know off the top of your head, your customer service isn’t at the level you may think it is. You have to consistently be motivated to help your clients if you want to retain their business and boost the effectiveness of your service.


Dependability is one of the most important traits of stellar customer service. During the sales process, you promised the prospect they could depend on you. Don’t let yourself be dishonest. You need to maintain the level of customer service you were giving your clients at the beginning of your business relationship. You know, when the business relationship was new and you were still eager to please. Keeping up that “business honeymoon phase” is what will make sure your service remains at a good and dependable level. If you were once attentive and quick to respond to your clients, but in time that began to no longer be the case, you’re doing your clients a disservice. Be consistent in the level of service you give to your clients for as long as you do business with them, if you want that to be for a long time.