Is Your Customer Service Due For An Upgrade?

BY Rachel Cagle
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We can all immediately recognize bad customer service when we’re on the receiving end, but sometimes we don’t realize that the service we’re giving isn’t any better. In “10 Signs Your Customer Service (Probably) Sucks,” Vitality Verbenko points out warning signs that your service isn’t as good as you think it is.

  1. Speed is Your Top Priority

While settling something quickly does seem like the most efficient way to handle any situation, that’s not always the case in customer service. When your client comes to you, they want to be helped thoroughly. Wanting to accomplish something quickly often leads to rushing, which usually results in something being overlooked. You generally won’t reach a high-​quality solution if you don’t take the time to completely think the situation over. Don’t sacrifice solving something to the best of your abilities for speed.

  1. You Don’t Receive Feedback

Do you receive much feedback from your clients? If you don’t, that’s a sign your customer service isn’t as great as you believe. Not hearing back from your clients doesn’t always mean everything is going well for them. Usually, it means they don’t feel they can come to you with feedback. You need to make sure your clients are comfortable enough to approach you with their problems. Luckily, communication isn’t dependent on your clients coming to you first. Communication is a two-​way street and if you’re not receiving feedback, you need to ask for it.

  1. You’ve Settled into Your Customer Service Plan

Customer service is a part of sales that is constantly evolving. Clients’ needs are changing, new ideas are being created, and if you’ve settled into your pre-​developed plan, you’re neglecting to grow. Stagnant water is where negative things develop. Don’t let your customer service suffocate in the swamp. You need to constantly be searching for ways to improve your service, always on the lookout for the needs of your clients. Who gives better service: the employee who walks around asking customers if they need assistance, or the employee who speaks when spoken to and talks at customers like they are reading off a script? Exactly.

  1. Your Communication Consists of Slightly Altered Emails

Speaking of scripts, when was the last time you wrote out a personalized email to your clients? Emails that are copied and pasted don’t count as an attempt at communication in the eyes of your clients. It’s not genuine, it doesn’t show you care about the service you’re giving. Fix it. Write out your emails with a specific client in mind and watch how the responses you get change.