3 Ways to Make Your Customer Service More Effective

BY Rachel Cagle
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If your customer service strategy is proactive, it decreases the likelihood you’ll have to be reactive to problems later on down the road. Here’s some advice on how to accomplish this level of service with the help of CustomerThink’s article, “Proactive Tips to Enhance Customer Engagement — Strategies Marketers Won’t Ignore.”

Reach Out to Your Clients

There’s no better way to encourage feedback from your clients than to ask for it directly. Reach out to them regularly with emails or calls containing information that’s relevant to them. By doing so, you’re not only making communication more comfortable, you’re also proving that talking with you is helpful to them. So, send that email asking for the client’s feedback on the quality of your service and how you can improve it. Update them on new ways they can be using your product or service that may not have been covered in previous meetings. Communication is the backbone of service.

Utilize Social Media

Let’s face it, a significant amount of the time we’re glued to our phones is spent perusing our many social media apps. We use social media to keep track of friends and we check it when we’re bored. We’re also not afraid to post on it when we’re upset or in need. So, why not use it as an engagement point with your clients? If your clients need your help, let them know social media is also a communication option. A lot of people think it’s easier to reach out to companies via social media than tracking down an email address or phone number. Also, turn on notifications for when customers message you or post on the company’s profile. You can reply almost instantaneously to acknowledge their need and to tell them you’re working on it. When you expand your social media efforts beyond advertising, your clients will notice.

Make How-​To Videos

According to CustomerThink, “49% of smartphone users have higher chances of purchasing from those companies whose websites have instructional videos in them.” I’m sure you’ve gotten a few repeat questions from various clients about particular parts of your product or service. By making how-​to videos answering common questions, you’re providing a number of benefits for both your clients and yourself. One: your clients can get those answers whenever they need them, even after business hours. Two: they can get the answers they need immediately with minimal effort. Three: it clears up the time you previously spent answering those questions. Now, you can spend that time helping with more complicated situations your clients may come to you with.