3 Ways to Motivate Clients to Complete Surveys

BY Rachel Cagle
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Knowing exactly what your customers expect from you, how you can improve your products and services and fresh problem-​solving prospectives are just a few of the benefits of client feedback. The problem is, providing feedback takes time and motivation, both of which can be difficult for your clients to come by. Here are some suggestions from Reetam Das’ article, “Making customer feedbacks actionable – The fun way!” for how to encourage feedback.

Personalize the Questions

Personalization makes a survey more interesting. If you’re just asking a series of general yes or no questions about your company, your clients will be less inclined to take the time to fill out the survey, or if they do, they may not put much thought into it. If they open a survey from you that has questions pertaining to the specific product or service they receive from you and/​or an inquiry about a particular customer service engagement that recently occurred, they’ll be reassured that you’ll be using this information to help them in the future. And that reassurance will lead to motivation.

Make it Visually Appealing

If your survey looks boring or cluttered, your clients will probably assume that the content is the same. So, make sure your layout is clean and clear. Also, try using different background colors, include your company’s logo or add graphics to the survey to make it more visually appealing.

Keep it to the Point

Before beginning an optional survey, many people will scroll through its entirety to gauge how long it will take and how much effort will be required from them. If, while your clients are doing this, they see pages and pages of questions ahead of them, they’ll close out of the survey quicker than they opened it. You can always run more surveys in the future. For now, limit the questions you ask to the ones you deem most necessary for your growth. Also, while short answer questions will often give you the best feedback, a survey full of those will likely scare clients away. Make the questions a healthy mix of multiple choice and short answers.