3 Ways to Boost Calls via Search

BY Rachel Cagle
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Search is only getting more critical as technology advances. Consumers want to be able to find what they need and fast, often not going past the first page of search results. Your client’s search marketing components need to be up-​to-​date, especially if their primary focus is generating calls from their ads. Do their current search efforts make the cut? If you have any doubts, here’s some advice from Search Engine World’s (SEW) white paper, “11 Paid Search Tactics that Drive Quality Inbound Calls.”


Want your client’s business phone numbers to show up early in consumers’ search results? SEW recommends placing more call extension bid modifiers on low-​funnel, high-​intent ad groups. A bid is the amount of money a company puts toward search marketing.


Also, if you’re determined to get consumers to call during your client's campaign, don’t make a landing page for their ad. Just add the number, and the consumer will have only one option. That being said, only use that option when you don’t expect consumers to need more information on said advertised product or service before buying. For example, tug at the customer’s curiosity with ad content offering free quotes for callers and such.


If you want potential customers making calls because of your client’s search ads, you need to make sure they pop up during peak call times. When are most customers free to make calls? During lunch and after work. For more specific times, conduct a study to see which of your client’s ads are yielding the most results and what times they went live.

Did you know that, within the last month, 43.7% of Google Searchers have used the internet to look for the phone number of a business? Nearly 86% of American adults use Google more than any other search engine to conduct searches. Make sure these consumers can find your client’s number. For more advertising and purchase information on searchers, head to AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel.