Cultivate These 10 Traits To Be A Sales Superstar

BY Jessica Helinski
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The most successful sales reps typically share at least a few common traits. And while it may seem otherwise, there isn’t anything “magical” about these traits. “They’re simple traits, some may even seem obvious, but simple doesn’t mean everyone has them,” writes Bhaswati Bhattacharyya for Sales Hacker. She makes an excellent point: Yes, the best sales reps aren’t all naturally gifted with amazing sales skills. But the traits they share don’t necessarily come easily to everyone.

To be at the top, you’ve got to be mindful about what traits are vital so successful selling, and you’ve got to be willing to work diligently to cultivate those traits. Bhattacharyya helps readers with the first part; she shares 10 common traits that successful reps share, explaining why each is so important to sales success.

Below, are a couple traits that she highlights:


In sales, you’re going to hear the word “no.” A lot. You need to be able to maintain an upbeat attitude despite being rejected. “Hearing negative responses on a regular basis can be extremely disheartening,” Bhattacharyya explains. “But for successful people, ‘no’ doesn’t mean the end. ‘No’ doesn’t always mean no forever, it just means not right now.” This mindset will help you face any roadblock in your path and keep you motivated to keep trying. Learn from setbacks and keep upbeat about the future.


Feeling empathy and compassion is a must-​have trait in order to effectively serve your clients. Successful salespeople are able to listen intently to others without judgement. They can put themselves in others’ shoes to better understand situations, needs and challenges. As Bhattacharyya notes, “If you truly care for your prospects, customers, and colleagues, it will show, and you will reap the rewards that trust will bring.”

So far, how are your skills stacking up to the two mentioned here? Check out her entire article to learn the other eight traits and why you should strive to possess them. Why? Your goal, as she explains, is “to build smart habits that make these 10 traits your natural way of being and doing." And don’t forget, she adds: “Great selling techniques can’t be acquired in a day, but you can start learning them today.”