35% of Younger Consumers Believe Cinema Advertising

BY Kathy Crosett
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Between 2019 and 2023, cinema advertising will grow from $1.0 to $1.1 billion in North America, according to PwC analysts. This 10% projected growth rate is great news for cinema media sales reps. Some verticals spend more on cinema advertising than others. And some demographics groups particularly enjoy this form of advertising. Here are the details.

Cinema Ad Spending by Vertical

The average marketer allocates just 0.4% of their ad budgets to the big screen. However, marketers in the following verticals spend significantly more:

  • Food 1.5%
  • Non-​Profit 1.0%
  • Telecoms and Utilities 0.7%
  • Adult beverages 0.7%
  • Automotive 0.6%
  • Transportation and Tourism 0.6%
  • Financial Services 0.5%

WARC analysts point out that the U.S. is only behind China in terms of market size for cinema advertising. 

The Impact of Cinema Advertising

When you pitch cinema advertising to your prospects, they might push back. They might tell you nobody goes to the movies these days. They’re wrong. Sure, consumers enjoy hanging out at home and streaming content. But sometimes, they want to get out of the house. Last year, the MPAA reports that U.S. and Canadian theaters had 1.3 billion admissions in 2018. That’s an increase over 2017. The numbers translate into an average of 3.7 visits for every consumer, young or old.

When consumers visit the cinema, they’re open to being entertained. They’re willing to suspend disbelief and they aspire to something more than they encounter in their everyday lives. There’s no better time for your client to pitch their messages. These consumers will try out the food and beverage items they see advertised before their favorite action movie. They'll talk with others in their group about whether they should take the new car they just saw advertised out for a test drive.

WARC analysts report the following consumer attitudes about cinema advertising:

  • 16–34 year-​olds who say the format is trustworthy: 35%
  • Gen Z consumers who “feel positively towards cinema, ahead of all other media:” 59%

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