Is 360-​Degree Immersive Video on the Horizon for Your Clients?

BY Kathy Crosett
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If you’re like most consumers, you don’t have much experience with 360-​degree immersive video. Marketers are hoping to use this technology to ramp up their messaging. Will it work? Here’s what consumers told researchers who conducted a survey for MagnaGlobal, IPG Media Lab and YuMe in a recent survey.

Researchers tested more than 2,000 consumers to gauge their responses to 360-​degree immersive video advertising in three industry verticals – automotive, travel and entertainment. The company compared the responses to those given to traditional advertising. During testing, consumers consistently rated 360-​degree video as more entertaining, innovative and engaging than standard branded content. Keep in mind that 360-​degree ads are all about letting the user swipe or move around a smartphone or tablet to see a video from a variety of angles.

A typical consumer might opt to view an immersive 360-​degree video because it’s fun (55%) or appealing (45%).  Approximately 35% of consumers said they engaged with this kind of video because it’s entertaining. However, nearly 4 in 10 (38%) consumers said they didn’t realize they could move the video around. This level of response indicates more education is needed.

The need for education is obvious on another front. Standard branded content scored much higher than the new technology content in both unaided and aid recall sessions. Part of the problem may have to do with the distracting nature of new technology. Consumers are so enthralled, for now, with the 360-​degree video technology that they fail to notice the message the ad is communicating.

Your clients can still successfully use 360-​degree video. They will likely have the best results when they target consumers who are already heavy consumers of online video. Likewise, consumers who have a number of electronic devices, including VR headsets, may be the best and most receptive audience for this kind of messaging.

If your clients want to be seen as leading-​edge, they should give 360-​degree video a try. Because the technology is new, remind them to notify users about how to enable the 360-​degree effects. They should also employ best practices. That means develop for smartphones, limit the message to 30 seconds and include branding.