4 Components of Videos to Strengthen Your Client’s Brand

BY Rachel Cagle
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You’ve likely read countless articles about how great digital video ads are for your client’s brand. After all, video content allows potential customers to, “see for themselves what you can offer them and why they should trust you,” says Jacob Tanur, writing for Inc​.com. But videos alone aren’t what is going to strengthen your client’s brand: The content is. Tanur says there are a few components you should add to the content of your client’s next video ad:

  1. Clarity
  2. Focus on the Target Audience
  3. Testimonials
  4. Calls to Action

4 Components of Video Ads to Strengthen Your Client’s Brand


Some online videos take a while to get to the point. Creators think that building suspense about what the video is about will get viewers to watch until the end. In actuality, the opposite happens. “Be clear about your message from the start,” says Tanur, “whether your goal is to teach your audience, introduce a product or tell a story about your services.” This approach will let viewers know from the very beginning whether this video’s content is something they’ll be interested in. If you maintain this kind of clarity throughout the video, you’ll strengthen your client’s brand.

Focus on the Target Audience

If you want to strengthen your client’s brand, the video you make for them can’t targeted just anyone. Your client’s target audience is who the videos you create should be geared toward. “By focusing on the audience your business appeals to, you not only create a more focused brand, but you increase the likelihood of getting through to your audience and seeing real results,” says Tanur. Consumers like personalized content. Appealing to your client’s target audience is the closest videos designed for more than one person can get.


Your client’s current customers may trust them, but potential customers with no experience with the brand have no reason to yet. According to AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel, only 15.2% of U.S. adults don’t read online reviews. Testimonials and reviews are popular and in demand because potential customers trust their fellow consumers’ experiences with companies more than they trust brands bragging about their products and services. So, to strengthen your client’s brand, you should include customer testimonials in your online videos.

Calls to Action

The video you make for your client could be a cinematic masterpiece. You could have fully convinced the viewer that your client’s business is the best in their industry and that they are completely trustworthy. But if you don’t include a call to action, the viewers won’t know what to do next. Therefore, the video won’t directly drive any revenue and won’t strengthen your client’s brand in all the ways it’s capable of. “Including a call-​to-​action in your video shows that you are a brand with direction and purpose and gives the audience direct instructions on how to get involved with you if they're interested,” says Tanur. Pro Tip: Tanur says that calls-​to-​action placed in the middle of videos drive higher conversion rates than those at the ends of videos.