4 Content Marketing Assets You Should Focus On

BY Rachel Cagle
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The goal of your digital marketing strategy should be to create and optimize information that helps your ideal customers understand everything about your business,” says Beth Walker in a recent article by Business 2 Community. And yet, content marketing often falls to the wayside so that online video and social media can take the spotlight. This is a mistake on marketers’ parts.

Content marketing helps clarify who your client is and what their business does. It can also improve their site’s SEO. Additionally, “it’s how you engage and excite potential customers,” says Walker. “When you provide valuable information and keep your audience informed about your company, you communicate that your digital spaces add value.” So, what all is included in content marketing and what should you be focusing on?

Content Marketing Assets


Your client’s landing page is the first place that their potential customers will interact with your client when they’re interested in the company. The landing page should be easy to navigate, with clear links to products, company information, blog posts, and other relevant content that potential customers will be interested in. And a good content marketing strategy means each webpage gives potential customers exactly what they’re looking for. This includes thorough, yet concise, product and service descriptions, well-​worded company mission statements, easily accessed customer reviews, and more.


Content marketing in the form of blog posts can boost both your client’s SEO and credibility. Blog posts give your clients a chance to share their industry expertise, especially when they reveal tips and insider knowledge. And of course, they should include keywords to make them easy to spot by search engines. According to Kathy Crosett, who highlighted Orbit Media data, well-​written blog posts should:

  • Be at least 1,100 words in length
  • Be posted, at minimum, on a weekly basis
  • Have titles that average around 10 words and/​or include promises of list-​format content


Email ads are only as good as their content, which is why they’re included in content marketing assets. Messages that get results capture a reader’s attention with the well-​crafted subject line and hold it through the meat of the message. Or are at least formatted that the reader’s eyes are directed to keywords and phrases that will get them to take action. Effective email ads will be short, display content divided into short paragraphs and/​or bullet points, and include a clear call to action. Interactive and visual elements, such as videos or GIFs, can also increase the email’s likelihood of success.


Sometimes, content marketing doesn’t have to focus primarily on text. Visual elements on websites have proven to capture viewers’ attention more easily than solid blocks of text. Creating colorful infographics for your clients can help potential customers absorb information in a more memorable way. Just remember to use the limited text wisely. Add in keywords and calls to action that will help your clients see results.

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