Thanking a Client for Their Business: 4 Ways

BY Rachel Cagle
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A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected.” Are you doing what you can to make sure your clients know they are appreciated? You might be tempted to push thanking a client for their business to the wayside when you are balancing your other important responsibilities. However, this activity is crucial for long-​term client retention and, therefore, easier future sales down the line. In Larry Alton’s article, “8 Customer Appreciation Steps You Can Take Today,” he highlights easy ways to remind your clients that they are a priority to you.

4 Methods of Thanking a Client for Their Business

Check In

It may not seem like much, but contacting your clients to see how everything is going is a great way to prove to them that you are invested in more than just the sale. If your client's money is already in your company's bank account and you are still taking the time to reach out, that is when they will know for sure that you care about them. Checking in with your clients is also an invaluable opportunity to secure some constructive feedback from them. This feedback will help you when moving forward, both with the existing client and potential ones you could be selling the same product or service to in the future.

Be Original

The effort you make checking in will not be as effective if your method of delivery seems copied and pasted or unoriginal. Your clients would rather respond to another person than a robot. So, you need to personalize your interactions with each client, whether you are talking with them on the phone or simply sending an email. Personalization in and of itself takes time and effort that your clients will be sure to notice and appreciate.

Show Gratitude

An easy way to personally follow up with a client is to show your appreciation by thanking a client for their business using an email or greeting card. This is a quick and simple method of showing that you care with an individualized touch. A show of gratitude will reinforce your commitment to stay updated on your clients and personalize the service you give each one.

Keep it Simple

While you are working on how to show your appreciation to your clients, keep one last important thing in mind: Whatever you do, keep it concise. Writing a lengthy letter thanking a client for their business or a follow-​up email that goes on and on will quickly transform a nice gesture into an inconvenience for your new client. Keeping your interactions concise shows your clients that you not only appreciate and respect them, but also their time.