4 Ways to Become An "Irresistible" Sales Rep

BY Jessica Helinski
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If asked, most salespeople would say they want to be irresistible to buyers. But being irresistible, according to sales pro Marc Wayshak, doesn’t necessarily come naturally. Reps need to consciously do more things that make him or her attractive to prospects. Now, Wayshak isn’t referring to a rep’s physical attractiveness. “I’m talking about coming across as high-​value to your prospects, engaging them in ways that make you irresistible to work with,” he explains in his blog post. “By learning exactly how to do this, you’ll become the top option of choice for your ideal potential clients.”

His post shares four easy-​to-​apply sales tips that can boost your appeal to every buyer that you encounter:

  • Be low-​key and get to the point. Reps have always been encouraged to be enthusiastic, animated and gregarious. Wayshak thinks this advice is overrated. Instead, don’t smother your buyer by being overbearing. Instead, he suggests a different tactic: “Be different from everyone else. Be low-​key and genuine and get right to the point…Drop the fluff and be direct.”
  • Dive into challenges. Buyers ultimately will go with the seller who can solve their biggest pain points. So, why wait to identify and share how you, specifically, can help? “Once salespeople truly understand the prospect’s challenges, they can simply present the solution that makes working with them the next logical step,” Wayshak suggests.
  • Don’t need the business. Desperation doesn’t go hand-​in-​hand with being irresistible. Usually, a prospect can tell if a seller is desperate, which he or she can interpret as a sign of bad business. 

Read the rest of Wayshak’s post to learn the fourth tip, as well as watch a video that summarizes all of his points. While his suggestions may go against traditional sales advice, he believes that his fresh approach to selling can make you instantly irresistible.