40% of Americans Need Help Reducing Household Debt

BY Rachel Cagle
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"Americans are feeling the economic pain of the global COVID-​19 pandemic, and their confidence in the U.S. economy has been badly shaken," according to a new poll by American Consumer Credit Counseling. This is especially true considering household debt is becoming a rising concern for those out of work.

The social distancing that has resulted from the coronavirus has impacted many Americans. From getting laid off or being temporarily out of work to getting their hours cut, many Americans are struggling financially during the pandemic, specifically concerning household debt. Consumers are also beginning to worry about the state of the U.S. economy.

In times like these, many Americans are in need of financial services, including how to manage their assets and get out of household debt.

When Americans need help, they often turn to the internet. Last month, 68.1% of Financial/​Retirement Planning Clients used a search engine to research a product they were considering and 21.4% researched the reputation of a businessperson, according to AudienceSCAN.

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