40% of Restaurant Diners Expect Weekly Deals

BY Kathy Crosett

The economy may be roaring along, but consumers are still in a recession mindset. They’ve also grown more accustomed to eating at home, especially since meal kits and delivery have become so popular. These trends mean that restaurants need to work hard to attract diners.

The Power of Coupons

The latest research from Valassis, Defining the Coupon & Value Restaurant Consumer, describes what eating establishments should be doing to boost foot traffic. Restaurant operators probably know that over 50% of consumers will stick with a location they know and trust. People who love to dine out can be tempted to check out something new, but they might need more than exciting menu options to sway their decision. Specifically, over 57% will use coupons to try a new restaurant.

Visit Rates

While the Valassis study specifically studied diners who use coupons, restaurants who make it easy for guests to cash in on promotions can generate new business. Casual restaurant diners, 48%, prefer email-​based coupons. Diners who regularly score coupons definitely increase their visit rates. Valassis data shows that coupon-​using consumers go to restaurants seven times a month, versus non-​coupon users who go out 4.8 times a month.

As we move into the heavy dining out season, restaurant operators should understand the kind of marketing tactics that appeal to specific audiences. For example, full-​price purchasers want quality, great service and an appealing atmosphere. When restaurant operators include those details in marketing campaigns, along with coupons, they’ll bring new diners into their establishments.

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