48% of Adult Consumers Love Puzzles

BY Rachel Cagle
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"According to a recent online survey conducted by Ipsos on behalf of Ravensburger, nearly half (48%) of American adults enjoy puzzling at least once a year; that is, jiqsaw puzzles meant for adults (e.g., those that have 500+ pieces), including one in five who say they puzzle monthly/​weekly/​daily (19%). Those mostly likely to enjoy puzzling at least monthly include men (24% vs. 14% of women), younger adults (34% of 18 — 34-​year-​olds vs. 10% of those ages 55+), and those with children living at home (28% vs. 15% of those with no kids). On the other hand, 52% of American adults say that they puzzle less than one a year to never."

"Relaxation (59%) and fun (57%) are the most common reasons mentioned for puzzling, and this is especially true for women, older adults, those earning less than $50,000 annually, and those who puzzle weekly/​monthly/​several times a year. Nearly half of those who puzzle also say that they do so for stress relief reasons (47%). At least three in ten puzzle because it's a brain-​booster (42%), time-​filler (30%), or because it gives them a chance to spend time with others (34%). One in four find solving jigsaw puzzles rewarding (26%), while nearly one in five puzzle to create artwork (18%)."

While considering their next puzzle to put together, New Hobby Seekers may turn to their other jigsaw puzzling friends for fun suggestions. According to AudienceSCAN, 22.9% of these consumers have seen information on social media that wasn't an ad that led them to take action. That doesn't mean ads won't work as well; they're 59% more likely than other adults to find ads on social networks useful to them. New Hobby Seekers are active on Facebook (83%), YouTube (72.2%), Instagram (51.5%) and Twitter (44.3%).

"Moreover, for seven in ten, solving jigsaw puzzles is a family tradition (69%). The majority of those who puzzle further agree that they like to puzzle while on vacation/​holiday break (59%), and three quarters admit that they puzzle more in the winter (76%)."

"Men (64% vs. 66% of women), adults under the age of 35 (73% vs. 61% of those age 55+), the more affluent (73% of those earning $50,000 annually or more vs. 62% of those earning less), those with children living at home (80% vs. 62% of those with no kids) and those with a college degree (74% vs. 65% of those with no degree) are among the most likely to emphasize the importance of puzzles as a family tradition. Young adults, parents, and those with a college degree are also more likely to report enjoying solving puzzles while on vacation/​holiday break."

"Those who puzzle on a daily or weekly basis are also much more likely to agree that solving puzzles is a family tradition for them and that they enjoy solving puzzles while on vacation/​holiday breaks compared to those who puzzle less often than this."

"Those who puzzle are most likely to do so by themselves (59%), though three in ten (29%( enjoy puzzling with their spouse/​partner and just over a quarter puzzle with their children/​grandchildren (26%). Puzzling with other family members (16%) or with friends (13%) is not as common, though more than one in ten nevertheless do."

"Among those who puzzle, the average amount of time spent per puzzle session is just over an hour and a half (102 minutes). This includes 16% who say they spend less than 30 minutes per puzzle session, two in five (39%) who report typically spending between 30 minutes to an hour puzzling, and another three in ten (29%) who spend between an hour to two hours per puzzle session. One in six adults (16%) say that they spend more than two hours at a time when puzzling."

"When it comes to puzzle solving habits, 94% of those who puzzle say that they always put the edge puzzle pieces together first. Two thirds (67%) further agree that they always flip over all the puzzle pieces and sort by color first."

"Other hobbies enjoyed by those who puzzle include reading (60%), music (59%, listening, concert-​going, playing music, etc.), cooking/​baking (56%), traveling (51%) and playing board games (50%). Two in five also enjoy crossword puzzling (43%) and exercising (42%), and at least three in ten like to garden (35%) and go camping (30%). Sizeable portions also enjoy photography (25%), volunteering (25%), playing sports (23%), sewing/​knitting (21%) and yoga/​meditation (21%)."

What's the best way to get New Hobby Seekers into puzzling? Digital! According to AudienceSCAN, last year, 54.3% of this audience took action after receiving an email ad and 50.5% were driven to action after either receiving an ad via text message or seeing an advertisement on their mobile smartphone apps. They're also 24% more likely than other adults to click on text link ads on websites. Traditional advertisements shouldn't be overlooked though. Last year, 66.2% took action after seeing TV commercials and 60% were motivated by direct mail ads.

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