50% of Marketers to Increase CTV Advertising This Year

BY Kathy Crosett
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Consumers continue to watch plenty of TV and that includes connected TV. That’s why so many marketers will increase CTV advertising this year. New technology is making it possible for large and small marketers to reach local audiences with their messages. And the new Innovid ANA State of Connected TV Report 2020 contains all the data you need to understand this growing opportunity for your clients.

In this study, researchers defined connected TV as “content streamed on an internet-​enabled television screen via an over-​the-​top (OTT) device.” And marketers see the format as a great way to complement the advertising they do on traditional TV. By next year, spending on CTV will amount to $6 billion. Part of the reason your clients will like CTV is because they can build ad campaigns that allow viewers to engage with messages by using their remote controls. 

Consumer Engagement

And viewers are responding. 30% of the impressions take place during prime evening viewing hours of 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., but engagement soars in the daytime, between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Also, engagement is higher on Thursdays through Sundays. What did this engagement look like?

Engagement rates for 15-​second spots amounted to 0.23%, while 30-​second spots scored a 0.41% rate. Once consumers clicked the ad, they spent an additional minute reviewing the creative elements from the marketer and one in 25 folks agreed to receive SMS messages.

Creative Elements

How did marketers snag consumer attention? In this study, researchers checked out:

  • Carousels — multiple images or videos
  • In-​line Video — a video inside a branded frame that the viewer can expand
  • TV-​to-​Mobile — consumer enters number to receive text message to get more information
  • Data driven — ad is personalized based on information about the viewer’s location or behavior

Analysts note that creating a compelling story, keeping desired action simple and focusing on a call to action will generate the highest returns for marketers who choose to engage with CTV messages. 

Increase CTV Advertising

If you’re selling CTV media space, talk with your clients about how a campaign can expand the audiences they currently reach with linear TV when they increase CTV advertising. Review the related AudienceSCAN profiles in AdMall from SalesFuel to see who is responding to these messages and which other marketing formats influence them.