58% of Consumers Open Emails with This Content in the Subject Line

BY Rachel Cagle
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Love them or hate them, emojis are commonplace now. It seems like some people don’t even know how to communicate emotion through correspondence without them anymore. But they’re unprofessional, right? Shouldn’t they remain in the messages in your personal life where they belong? No.


According to Adobe SlideShare’s Emoji Trend Report 2019, 60% of consumers like it when brands use emojis in their outreach. Not only that, they’re 51% are more likely to interact via social media with brands that use emojis and 48% more likely to follow those companies. And it’s not just on social media. 


When a company includes an emoji in its email subject lines, 58% of consumers feel more inclined to open that email. That percentage only increases when a company uses the recipient’s favorite emoji, with 75% of Gen Zers feeling compelled to open the email, along with 65% of baby boomers, 63% of millennials and 59% of Gen Xers. What are consumers’ favorite emojis? 

  • Women: Laughing, a red heart, and a winking face blowing a kiss
  • Men: Laughing, smiling with teeth and a single tear sad face

Now, don’t let your clients replace words with emojis. Instead, they should be used for emphasis, agree 87% of consumers. 

Emojis also ignite more than simply an interest in brands. The report also found that 44% of consumers will feel more compelled to make purchases from emoji using brands. The product types that have the most persuasive emoji uses on consumers include food, movie tickets, clothes, fashion accessories and sporting event tickets. 

AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel has data on five email-​based audiences. There, you can find the marketing, lifestyle and demographic information you need to answer any questions your client may have when you’re pitching an emoji-​inclusive campaign to them. And remember, 81% of consumers believe that emoji-​using people and companies are more friendly and approachable.