67% of B2B Execs Believe Customer Service Makes the Sale

BY Rachel Cagle
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Most of your competitors are selling very similar if not the same products or services you are. So, how do your clients choose between you and your competition? A study by Accenture Strategy concluded that approximately 67% of B‑to‑B executives believe that the client’s deciding factor is the service they receive from each potential business partner.

The quality of your customer service has never been more important than it is right now. Every day your clients’ and prospective clients’ service expectations are only getting higher. You need to know exactly what these expectations are in order to fulfill them. Well, it just so happens that Forrester Consulting for FPX surveyed 406 B‑to‑B firms in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and the Netherlands to see what these firms believe to be today’s clients’ expectations.

62% of surveyed executives believe that more and more customers are looking to work with businesses that offer a more convenient buying process. What’s the obvious route to turn to? The digital one.

The digital age we live in today is a double-​edged sword. On one end, it gives us more ways to connect to our clients using digital media. In fact, the FPX survey found that 58% of the surveyed B‑to‑B executives believe that clients today expect a broader digital experience from the companies they do business with. And another 49% believe that mobile is included in those expectations.

If you limit the ways your clients can reach you to traditional methods such as phone calls, your clients will use the media that you rejected to spread the word of your inability to keep up with the times as quickly as wildfire. Luckily, this potentially negative sword edge can also work in your favor. If you give your clients a good and well-​rounded service experience, they will likely spread word of their positive experience with you instead.