67% of Consumers Value High-​Quality Content Marketing

BY Rachel Cagle
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Even when consumers can tell they are looking at content marketing, most (67%) still value it. Especially when it is transparent and of high quality. That is what Clutch found in a recent content marketing survey detailed by Grayson Kemper.

Content marketing, defined by Clutch as, “content produced by an individual representing his or her business,” can meet high-​quality standards in a number of ways. Examples include making the content original, touching on common customer issues, and citing authoritative, trustworthy sources.

What kind of content should your clients be using? Kemper recommends different media depending on where in the buying process your clients believe their customers are.


Emails and blogs are effective resources for customers on the search for a product or service. Both are easy to read and give a brief introduction to the company and its available offerings. These content marketing formats can influence the searchers to visit your client's website to learn more. As an added bonus, the resulting web traffic can boost your client's SEO. Just make sure the client's keywords are up to date!


Once consumers reach your client’s website, they should encounter content that drives decisions. The best media for this task include explainer videos and product descriptions. These content pieces subtly market your client’s products/​services while actively educating potential customers about these offerings. The more consumers know about your client’s products, the more confidence they’ll have in buying them.

When companies create enjoyable and engaging content marketing, they drive sales. According to Clutch, 53% of content marketing consumers have more desire to visit the advertised company’s website and 50% have gained further interest in looking into the company’s offerings. Additionally, 39% are more likely to purchase the company’s products and services. Ultimately, 82% of consumers exposed to content marketing went on to make purchases.

For more information on consumers who engage with common content marketing media forms, such as online video and blogs, check out their reports in AudienceSCAN in AdMall by SalesFuel.