Used Vehicles: 69% of Americans Consider Them While Shopping

BY Rachel Cagle
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69% of Americans would likely consider good used vehicles for their next auto purchase. That's according to a survey from Ally Financial conducted online by The Harris Poll among more than 2,000 American adults.

Even though they would likely consider used ones for their next vehicle, they expressed concerns about their reliability and repair needs, the survey found.

53% Said They Would Feel Most Comfortable Buying a Used Car

More than half of consumers said they prefer buying a used one for sale at a dealership that sells both new and used. It was much higher than any other category including purchasing the car from another individual (12%), a used-​vehicle-​only dealership (10%), and nearly seven times higher than purchasing from an internet-​based company (8%).

According to the survey, consumers would be more likely to purchase a used one over a new vehicle with the following attributes:

  • Higher-​quality (40%)
  • Vehicle certified by dealer or factory (39%)
  • Detailed maintenance/​repair history report of the car (36%)
  • A vehicle service contract that extends the warranty or covers major repairs (34%)

Used car owners say they currently own a used vehicle because:

  • It was less expensive than a new vehicle (61%)
  • They liked the brand/​model of the used vehicle (40%)
  • They were able to get more cars for their money (34%)

Used Car/​Truck Shoppers are a frugal bunch. According to AudienceSCAN, within the last 30 days, 46.4% of these shoppers looked for coupons and discount codes online. Last year, 51.1% took action after finding ads on daily deals sites such as Groupon.

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