79% of Consumers Plan to Shop Online

BY Kathy Crosett
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Nearly 79% of consumers plan to shop online through at least midyear of 2021, and that trend is a signal. Marketers must stay in touch as COVID-​19-​related restrictions ease. Marketers experienced strong response to their online campaigns in late 2020. With the right marketing tactics, they can continue to successfully appeal to consumers.

Holiday Ad Campaign Results

LiveIntent and Media Radar found that retailers increased their digital ad spending for the 2020 holiday season. On average, these businesses spent 22% more on digital between October and December, 2020, when compared to the previous year. Kerel Cooper, CMO, LiveIntent remarked that some advertiser willingness to commit larger sums to specific digital ad categories during the holiday season was based on successful results of early campaigns. At the start of the pandemic in March and April, 2020, marketers shifted to digital marketing to connect with consumers who were in lockdown. They experienced positive responses, both in the spring and during the holidays. In the late fall of 2020, they reported a 32% increase in conversion rates on email ads, when compared to 2019. The overall conversion on digital advertising for retailers grew by 22%.

Digital Formats That Deliver

Retailers use a range of tactics to show off their products and promotions. LiveIntent measured a 10x increase in shopping newsletter impressions and 5x increase in hard newsletter impressions. For shopping newsletters, the investment paid off. Retailers had a 1.5x higher conversion rate over the previous year.

Promotions in niche publications worked well too. Parents were looking for gift ideas for their kids. Retailers who were in the right place at the right time in family and parenting newsletters experienced a 2x boost in conversion rates. Analysts also reported that advertisers experience a good return on investment when they properly targeted audiences. With so many consumers unable to go to their favorite gym, or still wary about group exercise, fitness marketers boosted advertising over 40% during the holiday period.

Consumers Plan to Shop Online

Retail isn’t the only category to do well as a result of advertising in newsletters. LiveIntent data indicates that ads “in personal finance and law or on government and politics generated CTRs that were double the average for retail ads.” To a large extent, this kind of targeting shows that advertisers are conscious of who they want to sell to.

As we move into the cookie-​free era, your clients will need their own good mailing lists in order to increase sales. As they grow their in-​house lists and encourage consumers to opt in to receiving their messages and promotions, marketing messages will become more personalized and effective.

In general, ads in a newsletter results in a 23.4% open rate, a 17.8% CTR, and a 1% conversion rate. Placing ads in newsletters can be a good way to convert consumers into customers. Help your clients take their marketing budgets to the next level. A good email campaign will deliver $44 in revenue for every dollar spent. To get to there, your clients can send out email promotions to members. Even inactive customers will open emails and convert. About 38.9% of inactive customers will open a marketer’s email and 2.6% will convert.

To understand the kinds of email messages that resonate with consumers, check out the available AudienceSCAN profiles on AdMall by SalesFuel. Your clients can’t afford to miss out on these opportunities.