8 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid for Effective Social Media Ads

BY Rachel Cagle
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Being aware of effective social media ad strategies can be helpful. But it’s often simpler to keep track of what not to do when posting. According to a recent article by HubSpot, here are a few social media mistakes your clients should avoid making in future posts.

Social Media Mistakes Your Clients Should Avoid for Effective Social Media Ads (By Platform)


Overlooking Mentions

The main goal of effective social media ads is to engage consumers, right? So, why are so many brands making the social media mistake of ignoring consumer interaction? Consumers will often mention brands and companies in their tweets. Whether the shout out is good or bad, your client needs to respond. If it’s a good shout out, be sure your client thanks the consumer for their kind words. The response will make them feel validated, important and more likely to compliment your client again in the future.

If the mention is negative, don’t worry, this is a chance to improve your client’s social standing. Respond by apologizing for whatever upset the consumer and let them know what you’re doing to make it right. For example, your client could offer them a discount, give instructions on how to return a defective item, or let them know about changes your client is making to ensure the bad experience isn’t repeated.

Constantly Retweeting

When a user lands on your Twitter profile, they should have a good idea of what you’re about and know what to expect from your page,” says HubSpot. “If your page is 90% retweets, it makes it difficult to make that assessment.” So, while it’s nice to retweet content to promote engagement with other brands and users, don’t let your client make the mistake of relying on retweets. Make your client’s social media ads more effective by creating original content more often than they retweet someone else's.


Ignoring Competitors

Social media isn’t just for interacting with consumers; it’s a place to keep track of your client’s competition. One of the main social media mistakes brands make is ignoring their competitors’ presence on platforms like Facebook. Make sure you check out their profile from time to time. See what they’re doing, which ads work and which don’t. Are they calling you out? Sometimes effective social media ads are the ones when brands get into a good natured competition via posts. See where your client’s competitors are at and plan accordingly.

Overlooking Photo Covers

Since consumers have seen your client’s Facebook profile picture before they visit their profile, the first thing consumers will focus on is your client’s photo cover/​banner. Is it boring (like reusing your client’s logo again)? Do they even have one? If your client’s profile’s visual aspects are boring, consumers will assume the same of the written content.

To avoid this social media mistake, “opt for something that says something about your brand, and speaks to your values in your culture,” says HubSpot. “Using an image that has emotional appeal will likely have a much better impact than a simple stock photo that tells us about your product or service.”


Not Taking Advantage of Features

Instagram regularly churns out new creative features to make posts more fun. Are your clients taking advantage of those features? To make sure you’re producing effective social media ads for your clients, try out Instagram’s Reels and Live Streaming features. Your client will seem caught up with the times in the eyes of consumers and get more viewership the more they branch out.

Not Adding Captions

Photos are what grabs consumers’ attention, but captions are what keeps it. Don’t make the social media mistake of forgetting to add captions to your client’s posts. “Your caption can offer more context to your post and drive conversions,” says HubSpot. If you want to make effective social media ads, captions that complement your client’s pictures are a must.


Focusing on Promotion

TikTok users are attracted to the app because it’s fun. They enjoy seeing the less formal side of the brands and companies they follow. That’s why one of the big social media mistakes your client can make on TikTok is being too promotional.

Instead of creating a TV-​like video, have fun with your client’s posts. Use casual language. HubSpot recommends making posts relatable or funny. As long as your client’s videos are authentic and laid back, they’ll do just fine.

 Ignoring Filters

Filters are an easy way to make your client’s TikTok videos more engaging and fun to watch. There are literally thousands to choose from, so don’t make the social media mistake of overlooking them. Use filters that reaffirm your client’s brand and help communicate the message they’re trying to send. Have fun!

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