86% of Millennials Want Employer-Provided Talent Development

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How are you doing at devel­op­ing tal­ent and engag­ing your employ­ees? If you’re like most man­agers, you might be look­ing at the world through rose-colored glass­es. The results from SABA’s 2017 Employ­ee Engage­ment Report might help you see real­i­ty a lit­tle more clear­ly.

A num­ber of stud­ies released in the past year empha­size that train­ing and tal­ent devel­op­ment is linked to employ­ee longevi­ty. SABA researchers agree and report that 86% of mil­len­ni­als want this kind of sup­port at their cur­rent posi­tion. About 62% of Gen X and baby boomer employ­ees say the same.

It’s not enough to pro­vide gener­ic, run of the mill train­ing pro­grams. While 67% of all sur­veyed employ­ees agree that they have access to effec­tive train­ing pro­grams, 33% of employ­ees aren't on board.

One of the con­cerns about effec­tive­ness may cen­ter on the for­mat of train­ing mate­ri­als and learn­ing oppor­tu­ni­ties. Younger work­ers are all about access­ing videos. Sixty-eight per­cent of employ­ees expect to see more video train­ing resources in the work­place these days. Ana­lysts point to the ben­e­fits of the video for­mat – employ­ees can pace them­selves when learn­ing new mate­r­i­al. The orga­ni­za­tion can cut train­ing costs, because employ­ees won’t have to trav­el any­where for their learn­ing needs.

Beyond train­ing and devel­op­ment, orga­ni­za­tions can increase employ­ee engage­ment by solic­it­ing feed­back. Over half of employ­ees, 57%, say they don’t think any­one will take action on feed­back they pro­vide. Even worse, employ­ees fear that offer­ing hon­est feed­back will back­fire and hurt them in the long run.

When orga­ni­za­tions do col­lect feed­back, it can some­times be a months-long process that results in lit­tle or no change. If that’s the state of affairs in your orga­ni­za­tion, it’s time to change. One way to improve the feed­back process is to put a process in place which col­lects feed­back con­tin­u­ous­ly. Week­ly or dai­ly sur­vey ques­tions may help. And so will the assur­ance that the answers are anony­mous. Either way, let your employ­ees quick­ly know the results of company-wide sur­veys and about changes you plan to imple­ment.

Kathy Crosett
Kathy is the Vice Pres­i­dent of Research for Sales­Fu­el. She holds a Mas­ters in Busi­ness Admin­is­tra­tion from the Uni­ver­si­ty of Ver­mont and over­sees a staff of researchers, writ­ers and con­tent providers for Sales­Fu­el. Pre­vi­ous­ly, she was co-owner of sev­er­al small busi­ness­es in the health care ser­vices sec­tor.