95% of Movie Fans Miss Going to the Movies

BY Rachel Cagle
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"There appears to be a pent-​up desire for movie-​goers to return to the theater, according to a second wave of research from National CineMedia (NCM)'s proprietary 'Behind The Screens' panel of movie fans," reports MediaPost.

Last month, 95% of movie fans said they miss going to theaters. That's a 4% increase from March. With all the new movies that have been set to premier this summer, it's safe to say that percentage will continue to increase.

Not only are these consumers eager to return to theaters to see new releases, 75% hope to catch up on movies that were released during the quarantine.

However, movie goers still want their experience to be a safe one. They strongly support:

  • Social distancing via limited theater capacities: 90%
  • Hand sanitizer available in the lobby: 87%
  • A mandatory face mask policy: 52%

Frequent Movie Goers may be attempting to fill the theater void with TV. According to AudienceSCAN, 70.8% of Frequent Movie Goers watched a minimum of three hours of TV every day before the quarantine was even put in place.

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