How to Ace Customer Service During a Crisis

BY Rachel Cagle
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We need to change our perspective on problems that arise in our products and services. Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean we should be lax and not do everything in our power to prevent situations from arising. However, James Alexander in his article, “Brilliant CX: Send Champagne with the Rose,” suggests that, instead of viewing them as just problems and beating ourselves up about them, we need to see them as what they truly are: opportunities.

Client loyalty is earned when you prove to your clients that they can trust you. While there are ways to inspire loyalty during times when everything is going well, nothing proves what you are capable of more than when a crisis occurs. Anyone can give good service when everything is running smoothly.

Problems have the ability to bring out the worst in everyone. Many attempt to push the blame on someone or something else or bunker down hoping the storm will pass on its own. That is your time to shine.

When other salespeople are making excuses to their clients, be the one who is showing empathy and apologizing. Be the salesperson who immediately begins looking for a solution instead of putting it off until a more convenient time. And while everyone else is looking for a quick fix, find a more durable solution.

After everything is resolved, it’s time to put the cherry on top. Alexander suggests sending a bottle of champagne to be shared with your client as you talk over the recent occurrences. This is a fantastic opportunity because it gives you the chance to interact on a more personal level with your client, gain valuable insights into how you could improve your service in the future, AND show that you go above and beyond to ensure your customers are not only satisfied, but happy as well.

Empathy, speed paired with quality solutions, and involving your clients in the fix are what you need to solve a problem and inspire customer loyalty, all in one fell swoop.