AdMall/​BIA 2021 Local Digital Event Series: Home Improvement

BY C. Lee Smith
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AdMall/​BIA 2021 Local Digital Event Series: Home Improvement

As the pandemic took hold last year, consumers used the “stay at home” situation to improve their homesites. From plumbers, to HVAC companies, to flooring and gardens, ad spend of businesses in these sub-​verticals stayed steady and actually increased in a few areas, unlike many other verticals.

Now what happens? BIA and SalesFuel believe there’s still plenty of opportunities to capitalize on the home improvement ad spending trends that are still in full force. By attending he February installment of AdMall's and BIA's Local Digital Event Series, we’ll help you identify:

  • What’s next for home improvement opportunities so you focus on what’s most important.
  • 2019, 2020 and 2021 forecast estimates so you can set benchmarks for your local team(s).
  • Share of ad spend by 9 sub-​verticals so you can see what the best opportunities are in your local market(s).
  • Digital selling strategies so you can power up your local sales teams.

This month's webinar speakers were:

  • C. Lee Smith, President/​CEO of SalesFuel and creator of AdMall
  • Tom Buono, CEO, BIA Advisory Services
  • Celine Matthiessen, VP Insights & Analytics, BIA Advisory Services
  • HOST: Audrey Strong, VP of Communications, SalesFuel