AdMall/​BIA 2021 Local Digital Event Series: Road Trips

BY Audrey Strong
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AdMall/​BIA 2021 Local Digital Event Series: Road Trips

In the March installment of AdMall's and BIA's Local Digital Event Series, the focus was on Road Trips and all the business types that will be spending ad dollars to (safely) lure people out of their homes to hit the road after a year quarantining from the pandemic. 

Watch to learn the share of wallet between traditional and digital ad spend and to get local sales strategies. Specifically, the discussion examines these business types:

  • Traveler Accommodations: Hotels-Motels 
  • Museums, Historical Sites and Other Venues 
  • Gambling and Lotteries 
  • Other Motor Vehicle Dealers (RVs, Motorcycles, Boats, etc.)

This webinar features:

  • C. Lee Smith, President/​CEO of SalesFuel and creator of AdMall
  • Tom Buono, CEO, BIA Advisory Services
  • Celine Matthiessen, VP Insights & Analytics, BIA Advisory Services
  • HOST: Audrey Strong, VP of Communications, SalesFuel