AdMall® not only provides the best sales intelligence platform available for media sales, it's also backed by unparalleled training and support to insure your success!


Training Webinars

Monthly webinars include: AdMall 101 for new users, Advertising 101, Digital Marketing Sales, Co-op Advertising and AdMall Manager's Immersion.

How-to Videos

On-demand video instruction for every major function of AdMall whenever you need it.

AdMall Certification

Role-based, self-paced certification to demonstrate your AdMall expertise and application.

Sell Smarter Awards

The Sell Smarter® Awards are presented quarterly to qualified media sellers who have shared a recent story of their sales success in generating new business or reviving an existing account. The best stories are presented on video with instructions on how they used AdMall to close the deal.

AdMall Minute Email

AdMall Minute delivers fresh, pre-qualified leads to your inbox every business morning. It also includes upcoming training webinars, the daily sales tip from SalesFuel Today and the latest from the Media Sales Today blog.

Trainer Resources

AdMall's Learning Center includes downloadable training materials, user guides and practice exercises to apply what you learn.


Manager's Immersion Training

Learn best practices for adoption, the importance of manager buy-in and coaching your sales reps for success. Performance and accountability reports are also covered in this monthly training webinar.

Leveraging AdMall Webinars

These 30-minute monthly podcasts are designed for sales managers and team leaders. Each month is hosted by a different SalesFuel expert and reveals how AdMall has been used in real-world scenarios for sales success. New tools and features are also announced here.

Media Sales Manager's Memo

This monthly email delivers best practices, latest research, weekly sales meeting suggestions and more just for media sales managers.

Manager's Tools

This managers-only section of AdMall includes performance reports, team settings, presentation+mapping configuration and the ability to manage logins for your team.

Launch Kit

When launching (or re-launching) AdMall with your team, this plan outlines best practices, your launch webinar and more for AdMall immersion, deployment and adoption.

Client Success Manager

You are provided with your own Client Success Manager, who serves as a concierge to get you whatever you need to deliver ROI from your AdMall investment. Managers can access him/her by phone or email during business hours.