AdMall's Digital Audit Leads to Two Sales for Digital Sales Manager

BY Adam Ambro
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Kristina Clark, digital sales manager at KRDO, recently closed two huge sales using her normal AdMall routine.

In this day and age, media and shopping habits are always changing,” said Clark. “AdMall’s AudienceSCAN allows you to take the guesswork out of which tactics make the most sense for your clients’ campaigns. It also helps you pinpoint the right demo for your clients’ messages.”

The first client is a large higher education institution that is seeking to target and recruit post-​graduate students in a particular field for a continuing education program.”

The second client is a state government program that is seeking to target people who need financial assistance and qualify for the program.”

Both clients had large budgets, but their geographic targets were also quite large. They both knew that they wanted to invest in digital advertising but didn’t know which tactics would be best. 

Utilizing AdMall’s AudienceSCAN data, I was able to show the clients the media habits of each of their unique audiences. For the higher education institution, I chose ‘College Tuition Buyers.’”

For the government program, I chose ‘Low Income Households.’ The data made it very clear what combination of tactics would make the most out of their advertising dollars.”

The higher education institution purchased a combination of Connected TV, Programmatic Audio, Programmatic Display, SEM and Retargeting Display & CTV.” 

The government program purchased a combination of SEM, social video advertising, connected TV, programmatic display, geofencing and retargeting display, social & CTV.”

These were two of the largest digital-​only campaigns we’ve ever sold. Together, they average $30,831 per month for a total of $184,991 over 6 months.”

When asked for advice on how other reps should be using AdMall, Clark was clear.

You should always be using the Digital Audit while prospecting and have it with you at your CNAs,” said Clark. “That’s a must. You’ll be more knowledgeable about their needs before you walk in the door if you do. Making assumptions leads to poor campaigns and potential lost revenue for your client and for you.”

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