Which Ads Drive Consumers to Buy?

BY Kathy Crosett
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Are your clients asking which type of advertising is really catching the eye of the consumers? The results of a new study point to the power of TV and digital. We should always read a report published by an interested party, the TVB in this case, with a wary eye. However, the research was conducted by GfK and contains great insights into consumer shopping habits.

The survey reviewed the various stages of the purchase funnel during the 2017 holiday shopping season. Based on the input from over 1,521 shoppers, the survey also looked at multiple digital and traditional media formats. Finally, researchers considered advertising impact on both the bricks and mortar and the online retail worlds.

TV’s influence remains dominant through all stages of the purchase funnel. The numbers below show the percentages of consumers who say a TV ad had the following effect on them.

  • Awareness 43%
  • Interest 40%
  • Visit store/​website for more info 35%
  • Consideration 37%
  • Purchase 34%

Not surprisingly, the frequency of TV ad exposure is correlated to a boost in shopper action. For example, exposure to one to three ads drove 78% of shoppers to take action. Four or more ads resulted in 86% of shoppers taking action. These actions ranged from visiting a store (43%) to checking out a website (40%).

In some industry verticals, social media was the top performer for marketers. Specifically, analysts found that social advertising delivers reach for automotive and health care companies.

Local marketers have a great opportunity to connect with consumers during local TV news programming. Research shows that consumers trust the information they get through these channels. And, that trust extends to the digital sphere. Over 44% of shoppers like the local TV station apps. They’re paying attention to content and to the ads.

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