Advertisers Seek Personalized Service from their Media Agencies

BY Kathy Crosett
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Advertisers are clamoring for a better media strategy. Who can blame them? They're busy tracking how digital and traditional formats are performing. The 2019 Global Media Thinking Report reveals that advertisers are also too focused on how to buy media than on understanding how it can work for them as a marketing tool.

Advertiser Frustrations

Advertisers give themselves barely average grades on how the media planning and buying process is working internally. Here are their numeric answers to the following questions on a scale of 1 to 5.

  • Have a well-​established internal media community: 2.61
  • Lead media decisions from procurement rather than marketing angle: 2.63
  • Have a point of view on ROI for media: 2.90
  • Set clear KPI’s for media: 2.67

In every case, marketers acknowledged that their scores do not meet expectations.

View of the Agency

Unfortunately, marketers don’t exactly give their media agencies stellar scores on media-​related topics. On the same 1 to 5 scale, marketers say agencies are not meeting expectations. The following details concern them:

  • Integrating owned, earned and paid media
  • Identifying relevant date-​fueled insight
  • Providing neutral and objective planning recommendations
  • Having a culture of media innovation
  • Providing insight-​driven strategic planning
  • Providing thought leadership in media

How to End the Blame Game

The 177 respondents who participated in this survey represented media, marketing and procurement professionals across a range of business verticals. Media agency professionals also took the survey. Analysts note that agency professionals express frustration at marketing professionals who continue to cling to old ways. Specifically, marketers don't want to give up traditional media, which is working for them. Advertisers, on the other hand, feel ignored. They claim agencies are treating them like they are just another account. 

Nearly 90% of advertisers want responsibility for establishing the strategic approach to media. About 45% of agencies say the same. The truth may be this: Both sides need to work together to develop an effective media strategy. You can open the door to that conversation by understanding the business vertical your clients operate in. AdMall from SalesFuel can help. Check out the Local Account Intelligence Reports for detailed information and advertising statistics. That data will allow you to talk with your clients about a robust media strategy for 2020 that delivers the results they need.