Advertisers Stand Out with Pioneering Influencer Marketing Campaigns

BY Rachel Cagle
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Influencers are a great way to help your client target the world’s 4.76 billion social media users. According to a report by Influencer Intelligence, nearly 60% of consumers across the globe are active on social media. Here’s what your client should keep in mind when crafting influencer marketing campaigns.

Advertisers Stand Out with Pioneering Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Don’t Just Target Younger Generations

It’s a common misconception that only Gen Zers and millennials are active on social media. Maybe they once were, but now every generation, from baby boomers to Gen Alpha, view social media as important. And they’re also likely to be influenced by influencer marketing campaigns.

According to Influencer Intelligence, the age groups that brands utilize influencer marketing to target include:

  • 20–29-year-olds: 82% of communications specialists target this age group
  • 30–39-year-olds: 77%
  • 40–49-year-olds: 50%
  • 17–19-year-olds: 30%
  • 50–59-year-olds: 29%
  • 60–69-year-olds: 11%
  • Consumers under the age of 17: 7%
  • Consumers over the age of 70: 3%

This broadening targeting of age groups presents fruitful opportunities for organizations,” says Influencer Intelligence. Additionally, it’s “supported by research that reveals Gen X and baby boomers are showing a growing interest in discovering new products on social media (up 10% and 41% respectively, YoY).”

So, if your client is only using influencer marketing campaigns to target younger generations, they’re missing out on sales.

Let Influencers Do Their Thing

Handing influencers a script or being overly involved in their creative process can actually lower their credibility with the public. If consumers only wanted your client’s opinion of their products and services, their own ads would be enough. But consumers want and trust user-​generated content more.

According to a previous SalesFuel blog based on data from Bazaarvoice, user-​generated content:

  • Gives consumers more confidence in a product, service or brand: 78% of consumers agree
  • Is something consumers rely on, especially during economic difficulties: 43%

Influencers’ user-​generated content takes credibility to the next level. Another SalesFuel blog, based on data from Traackr, points out that:

  • 70% of consumers are more likely to buy a product from a brand if they work with an influencer they know and trust”
  • 59% of consumers are at least somewhat likely to purchase a product because it was recommended by an influencer”

But, again, you have to let influencers do their thing without interference to see these kinds of results. Their followers (your client’s potential customers) follow each influencer because they love that influencer’s style and voice. If a product or service is genuinely recommended by an influencer without brand interference, its popularity will skyrocket.

When influencer marketing campaigns allow influencers to have complete creative control, brands can see benefits like:

  • New creative content that your client can use on their own channels: 85% of marketers agree
  • Increased trust and loyalty among customers: 80%
  • Brand introductions to new audiences: 75%
  • Increased user-​generated content: 75%
  • Increased engagement on the brand’s channels: 75%
  • Positioning the brand as an expert in particular sectors: 66%

Focus on Video Content and Choose the Right Social Platforms for It

Of course for influencer marketing campaigns to be successful, they need to be where consumers can see them. Influencer Intelligence says that the top social platform for influencer marketing is Instagram. But TikTok is quickly catching up.

Videos are one of the most effective influencer marketing media types and TikTok is a leader in video content. They showcase the product or service well and help the influencer appear more personal. Videos are also easier and more fun to consume and leave lots of room for creativity.

So, Influencer Intelligence expects TikTok to be the leader of the influencer platform pack soon.

Want to see which social platforms your client’s target audience is most active on? Check out their profile on AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel. The right social media platform is the first step to successful influencer marketing campaigns.

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