AE Lures HVAC Dealer With Consumer Spending Data en route to $132,000 Sale

BY Adam Ambro
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Gabriel Medellin, a ten-​year media sales account executive from Spectrum Reach, approached a hesitant HVAC dealer in his market who was unsure if advertising was worth it or not.

The [HVAC business] specializes in air conditioning, heating, electrician services, solar and battery and internet service in the suburbs of San Antonio, Texas,” said Medellin. “The marketing team consists of three to four individuals that utilize several different mediums in specific geographic regions in the San Antonio DMA to target different consumers for their many services.”

Getting the word out among their competitors

The main challenge they currently face is getting more consumers to change or service their air conditioning and heating systems. They are leaders in electricity and internet services in their region, however air conditioning and heating is a relatively new venture they want to dominate in.”

Initially, the client was unsure about advertising as they weren't really sure if it would be worth it. Through AdMall, we were able to share with them what the ‘size of the prize’ was in their target areas by pulling consumer spending by zip: millions were being spent a year on air conditioning and heating systems – they had no idea as they only saw a small share of that.”

We are currently running a linear TV campaign, streaming TV and online video pre-​roll. As of now, they are happy with ad spend and are excited to see what results are rendered. They are getting a return and looking to restructure their creative to make the campaign even more impactful. They signed on for the year using a multiscreen approach for a total of $132,000.”

I always tell my counterparts how much of an eye-​opener consumer spending is for prospective buyers. The knowledge and insight you get from AdMall is fantastic and really puts you ahead of the competitors. Many sales reps don’t take the time to really take a macro view of what is happening with that prospective buyer’s category in the marketplace.”

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