Most Americans Trust Local News More Than National

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News reported by local TV stations and newspapers is trusted by about 75% of Americans. Specifically, 76% trust local TV and 73% have confidence in local newspapers. This is according to the latest Media Trust Survey conducted by The Poynter Institute. These numbers are leaps and bounds better than how Americans reported feeling about national news media. About 59% rely on national newspapers (a ‑14% difference). And only 55% believe they can trust what they see on national network new channels (a ‑21% difference).

Why could this be?

Trust comes when there is a relationship,” says Neil Brown, Poyner’s President. “…and for lots of people, even those with great interest in national affairs, the more personal relationship is with their local news source."

This is especially true when it comes to Republicans. Only 23% of Republicans claim to trust news media as a whole. However, 71% have confidence in local TV and 62% rely on local newspapers. This is compared to the nearly 90% of Democrats who have confidence in all forms of news media, both national and local.

The distrust Republicans have for national media can likely be attributed to the last presidential election. According to Poynter’s first Media Trust Survey from December 2017, 44% of Americans as a whole are concerned that the media fabricates many of its reports that are centered around President Trump. That number went down only slightly during the second survey to 42 percent.

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There you have it, Americans trust local media. So, that’s what they’re regularly consuming. Share this with your clients and encourage them to place their ads during local news time slots.

Rachel Cagle

Rachel Cagle

Rachel is a Research Analyst, specializing in audience intelligence, at SalesFuel. She also helps to maintain the major accounts and co-op intelligence databases. As the holder of a Bachelors degree in English from The Ohio State University, Rachel helps the rest of the SalesFuel team with their writing needs.
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