Appealing to Consumer Emotions Can Boost Revenue

BY Kathy Crosett
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The creative messaging in advertising has always been about appealing to consumer emotions. During our COVID-​19 crisis, marketers are letting stressed-​out consumers know where they can find supplies to meet their urgent needs, such as feeding themselves and keeping their families safe. Consumers are also spending long hours alone, connecting only virtually with their closest friends. The continued strain of social distancing and worry about the economy is impacting everyone’s mental health. Retailers can tweak their messaging to speak to the range of emotions consumers are feeling.


Arabella Roden says that fear can be a big purchase motivator for some sectors, especially jewelers. When consumers are uncertain about what the future holds, they want to let loved ones know exactly how they feel about them. Recently, consumers had shunned acquiring more material goods. Instead, they were spending money on experiences. With our ability to enjoy in-​person experiences still several weeks away, at best, consumers may turn to online shopping and pick out a ring or pendant and have it delivered to someone special. Jewelry stores may want to offer video sessions with customers who are looking for a unique piece that represents their emotions, especially as Mother's Day approaches.


Consumers who are feeling particularly alone will appreciate knowing that a friend or family member is thinking of them. Florists might want to run COVID-​19 "just because" or "I am thankful for you" promotions. They can offer contactless delivery of a spring bouquet. 

Specialty Food Vendors

Many of us are being forced to improvise the celebration of our milestone events. Whether it’s a birthday or another special occasion, chances are we’ll be doing it virtually with the help of an online video tool. Your specialty food vendors can connect with consumers and increase sales by rolling out new promotions. For example, they can deliver gift meals to multiple addresses so that all members of an extended family can enjoy the same food and an adult beverage while they chat.

Appealing to Consumer Emotions

We are experiencing a range of emotions as we wait for life to return to normal. As your clients prepare for the economy to recover, they can stay connected by appealing to consumer emotions ranging from fear to love to gratitude. Digital messaging may yield the best results, as consumers are spending more time than ever online. To see how well your clients are doing with their messaging, run a digital audit at AdMall from SalesFuel.