Are Video Display Ads Worth Your Clients' Money?

BY Rachel Cagle

With all the damage ad fraudsters have been causing programmatically transacted digital ads, online display advertisers just want to know that their ads are still being delivered to real people at the time and place they paid for. As luck would have it, Integral Ad Science’s H2 2018 U.S. Media Quality Report has good news for you to share with your display ad-​using clients.

First off, display viewability is on the rise!

  • Desktop: 62.4% viewability (a 4.1% rise from H1 of 2018)
  • Mobile App: 61.6% (a 7.4% rise)
  • Mobile Web: 58.3%


Which ad formats are doing the best across these categories? Vertically-​oriented skyscraper and half-​page display ads raked in the highest viewability percentages at 68.3% and 67.3%, respectively (a 2.5% raise for both). Horizontally-​oriented billboard ads are the least effective, but even they grew by 4.9% to reach 57.9% viewability in H1 2018.

If your clients want consumers to take notice of their display ads, you should encourage them to utilize video ads. Why? Americans love videos, and last year, adults spent 1.5 hours watching digital videos on a daily basis. This fascination goes beyond the videos they’re specifically searching for. The study found that 63% of U.S. adults harbor no negative feelings for video ads at all. So, it no wonder video display ads have a 65.5% viewability average on desktop and 58.9% on mobile web. However, your clients have to pique Americans’ interests within the first five seconds of the video. Even though viewability for digital display ads averages around 60% across the three formats, that percentage tends to drop by about 20% by the fifth second and begins to fizzle out by the 15-​second mark.


More information on Online Video Watchers can be found on their profile in AudienceSCAN by AdMall from SalesFuel. For example, did you know that, last year, these consumers took action after seeing internet banner ads (50.5%) and pre-​roll video ads (38.9%), and are also 40% more likely than others to find advertising on their mobile apps useful? The more you know about your clients’ target audiences, the more effective their ads will be.