Are You Killing Your Sales by Being on Autopilot?

BY Rachel Cagle
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After you’ve found what works in the majority of sales situations, you tend to stick with it. Why mess with a tactic that works a good amount? Because it will get old, that’s why; to both your clients AND you.

If you have a selling tactic that you believe can work well in most situations, chances are it’s not as original as you think it is. For starters, if it’s a one size fits all strategy, it’s not personal at all. Dr. Roy Whitten and Scott Roy, writing for SellingPower say that, “If salespeople are to excel at what they do, they must change any behavior that is repetitive, inauthentic, and inflexible. They need to respond with fresh eyes and ears to what’s happening right in front of them.” 

How it Affects Clients

This means doing your research into the prospect before you go in and shaping your pitch around what you find. For example, your strategy is definitely going to differ between small and larger businesses with differing budgets. You’re also going to have to change up your communication strategy for differing age groups. For example, baby boomers and above probably prefer to be contacted over the phone and may expect a more formal pitch. On the other hand, millennials are known to prefer email outreach and may be a bit more relaxed and laid back in conversation. Your level of explanation of your product or service will also differ depending on the job title of whom you’ll be speaking to (you’re obviously not going to walk the head of IT through the basics of a computer product).

How it Affects You

Additionally, don’t you think you’ll get bored with the same old pitch as well? Going on autopilot during sales presentations will probably result in a lack of energy and enthusiasm toward what you’re selling. Who wants to buy something that even the salesperson isn’t excited about?

So, wake up! It’s time to engage yourself in your sales process so that you can evoke the same from your prospects.