Tweaking the Search Engine Marketing Campaign: Must-Know

BY Rachel Cagle
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Chances are, your clients are already using search engine marketing. But, they may not be utilizing search engine marketing to the best of its abilities. It's about time for tweaking the search engine marketing campaign. But what could your clients be doing better?

Common Uses

According to a study by Adthena, 92% of chief marketing officers believe that search engine marketing gives them the ability to make more informed business decisions, including identifying new market opportunities (58.2%). Specifically, search engine marketing-​based data on conversion rates and click-​through rates provided CMOs with the most useful information when it comes to increasing return on investment. 

Tweaking the Search Engine Marketing Campaign: Missed Opportunities

Tweaking the search engine marketing campaign means addressing the holes in your client's current strategies. Usually, search engine marketing-​based research that companies are missing out on revolves around their competition. Only 41% of companies actively track their competition’s search engine marketing practices. By studying the competition’s search engine marketing activity, you and your clients can learn which practices are keeping your client ahead of the game, as well as areas where a bigger investment may be necessary. Your client’s competitors are the best people to learn from since both have the same advertising goals. Adthena says that taking the time to study the competition gives companies the chance to, “identify new market opportunities, optimize performance, and protect mindshare as competition continues to rise.” 

Ashley Fletcher, the VP of Marketing at Adthena says, “To stay on top of increasing competition, CMOs must continuously monitor their search performance to determine how, when and where they can optimize efforts across touchpoints.” You can run a digital audit on AdMall by SalesFuel on both your client's competitors and the industry to get more information on search activity. Information will help you and your clients stay ahead of the game.