Are Your Clients in Danger of Losing Brand Awareness?

BY Kathy Crosett
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As we continue to limit in-​person contact, consumers are spending more time than ever connected to various media formats. Your clients could be in danger of losing the brand awareness that they worked so hard to create. Consumers want to know what’s going on and what we should and shouldn’t be doing. This desire creates an opportunity for marketers.

Range of Media Sources

According to the latest research from Advertiser Perceptions and Pollfish, consumers are turning to a variety of sources to get their updates. On a daily basis, about 13% of consumers spend two or more hours checking national news outlets for virus information. About 74% spend 30 minutes a day looking at health sites. 

However, to some extent, the type of media used is related to consumer age. Consumers under 35 are driving the huge usage increase in Facebook and Instagram. According to Kantar, here are the other sources consumers are spending more time with:

  • Web browsing 70%
  • Social media use 61%

Trust Levels

Consumers may be collecting information from a variety of sources and forming their own opinions about what is going on. This is because Kantar research shows that consumers don’t have much trust in many institutions. Here are the current trust levels for specific information sources:

  • Traditional national broadcast or print: 52%
  • Government agency websites 48%
  • Social media posts 11%

How to Avoid Losing Brand Awareness

While people want information on the virus, they are also counting on media outlets for entertainment during those long stretches when they’re locked inside their homes. Your clients can maintain a presence in consumers’ minds, even if they aren’t actually selling as usual.

Do consumers want brands to stop advertising? According to the research, only 8% say yes. However, they expect brands to sensitive to our current situation. If your clients can’t actively promote how they are delivering meals, opening their stores to at-​risk shoppers for specific hours or providing service online, encourage them to explain how they are taking care of their employees and the wider community.

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