Are Your Clients' Mobile Ads Displaying at the Best Time of Day?

BY Kathy Crosett
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Let’s tell the truth. We are a nation of screen watchers. We’re looking at our phones constantly, even when we’re watching our TVs at night. And we’re doing this whether we’re in our living rooms or bedrooms. But are we paying attention to all of the ads that flash across our screens? Here’s how consumers answered a new Aki Technologies survey and what your clients need to consider.

Time of Day

When consumers are ready for sleep, they may be paying more attention to ads that pop up on their smartphones. At least 51% of consumers say they do. Consumer receptivity to these ads is correlated to age as follows:

  • Gen Z 73%
  • Millennials 63%
  • Gen Xers 51%
  • Baby Boomers 40%

If consumers are watching TV and not necessarily ready to sleep, 59% will check out a mobile ad. Millennials, 66%, are the most open to these ads. Other generations aren’t quite as receptive, with Gen Z, Gen X and baby boomers coming in at 55%, 57% and 53%, respectively.

Daily Activity

Aki Technologies researchers also asked about consumer attitudes regarding mobile ads as they go through their typical day. Remember how aggravated people get when telemarketing calls come at meal time? Consumers have a similar reaction to seeing ads on the mobile phone while they’re trying to eat. Only 36% of surveyed consumers give this activity a thumbs-​up. Interestingly, it’s the youngest consumers, Gen Z, who give this method of advertising the highest score, with a rate of 47 percent.

Remind your clients that consumers aren’t interested in seeing mobile ads at other busy times of the day. For example, only 24% of consumers care to see an ad while they’re out jogging or otherwise trying to stay in shape. And when running errands, 21% of consumers will possibly check out a mobile ad.

One of the biggest surprises of this survey is that only 25% of consumers want to get a mobile ad when they are out shopping.

However, there are ways to attract more attention to smartphone ads when consumers are on the go. The following percentages of consumers age 18 and up say these tactics work:

  • Brand familiarity 38%
  • Interesting creative 35%
  • Good timing 34%
  • Brand coupon 30%

Talk with your clients about their mobile ad strategy and let them know that evenings may be a particularly good time to buy advertising in that format. To learn more about which consumers are most influenced by mobile ads, check out the AudienceSCAN profiles available at AdMall from SalesFuel.