Are Your Clients On-​Trend with Social Media Ads This Year?

BY Kathy Crosett
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Are your clients on-​trend with social media advertising this year? In the new 2021 Social Media Trends report from Talkwalker, the experts talk about what’s happening in this media format. Their suggestions are based on trends they noticed as a result of sentiment analysis.

Rise of the Remix

Some brands are concerned about protecting their reputations from sketchy user-​generated content. Other brands see a new trend developing. Analysts call it the remix. “Consumers are mixing logos with pre-​existing templates, even creating brand-​led games.” To encourage brand loyalty, businesses are sharing more assets like branded templates with consumers who like to produce UGC. However, the dark side of this trend is that brands must be more vigilant than ever in terms of protecting their reputations and tracking what consumers do with this content.

Content Upgrade

Consumers have been shellshocked by the impact of COVID-​19 on their lives. Talkwalker analysts suggest that brands tailor their content to address the ‘4 Cs of COVID-​19 Content.’ These elements are community, contactless, cleanliness, and compassion. With so many consumers looking to their favorite brands for comfort and reassurance, marketers shouldn’t miss this opportunity. Messaging that addresses cleanliness is more important than ever to consumers who are looking forward to dining out, for example.


Nostalgic messages have played well for TV marketers during the past year. The same holds true for social media advertisers. Consumers, overall, want to return to a life that is as simple and carefree as it was before the nasty novel coronavirus began to intrude. Nostalgia and emotion go hand in hand. And emotional messaging connects with consumers’ wants. Consumers often make an unplanned purchase because they are reacting to how they feel. Remind your clients that there is no substitute for tapping into consumer emotions this year.

The News

We are all hungry for real news — statistics and reports that help us sort out the latest information on the pandemic-​related infection and vaccination rates. Podcasts have soared in popularity, because consumers can enjoy this content, on demand, while driving or working out. Podcasts help us obtain the in-​depth reporting that we want. If your clients haven't started a podcast, pitch an idea to them.

Social media channels will be under increasing pressure to reduce the ‘fake news’ streams. In the wake of the Capitol Hill riot and the ongoing confusion about the pandemic, the major social platforms have taken the significant steps of removing controversial people and accounts from the feeds. They’ve also started flagging content. That may help the reputation of these platforms. But your clients must proactively protect their brands. You may be able to sell them a package to set up and monitor alerts in case the brands come under attack.

Cause-​Driven Marketers

As younger consumers increase their financial power in the marketplace, your clients must shift their messaging methods. In the blog I wrote on TV marketing earlier this week, I highlighted research showing that younger consumers want to know what your clients are doing about social injustice and climate issues. Instead of a blatant hard sell during an ad, the content most likely to capture younger consumers’ attention underscores how the brand is making a difference.

On-​Trend With Social Media

"The brands that fully understand their consumers — their motivations, needs, conversations — and take decisive actions based on those insights, will be the ones that survive the turbulence ahead," say Talkwalker analysts. To gain an understanding of how your clients’ online marketing compares to the competition, run a Digital Audit on them. The tool is available from AdMall by SalesFuel and will give you insights to open a conversation about how to improve social media outcomes.