Are Your Clients Optimizing Demand Generation?

BY Kathy Crosett
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Did you know that optimizing demand generation is key to your clients’ business success? At least 46% marketing leaders said so in a survey fielded by TOPO just before the COVID-​19 crisis hit. We all know demand for many products and services is muted right now. You can help your clients prepare for economic recovery by reviewing the following strategies with them. 

Developing Great Content 

How do prospects know whether they should be considering the products and services your clients’ offer? They often don’t, unless they’ve consumed content your clients produce and been educated about a problem they may not have previously understood. This content should address specific points in the purchase funnel. Top-​of-​funnel white papers will make prospects aware of a business problem. Content pieces designed for mid-​funnel consumption may include case studies. As prospects continue to check out marketer content, they’ll give up their names, email address or other key details about their organizations. Taking these steps is the first step to optimizing demand generation.

Alignment with Sales

TOPO’s research also shows that 46% of marketers know their demand generation efforts must align with sales if they hope to succeed. If you’re managing a demand generation campaign for clients, remind them to coordinate with their sales department. The sales pros must have a way to track incoming leads and a plan for guiding leads through the funnel. Chris Moody, writing for TOPO, reports that, “alignment and demand generation go hand-​in-​hand because a go-​to-​market organization that fills the top of the funnel with new leads and coordinates with sales on the target audience is more likely to have an impact on revenue.”

Marketing Challenges with Optimizing Demand Generation

Marketing campaigns are often conducted as one piece of a giant business plan. About 35% of marketing pros are juggling simultaneous go-​to-​market initiatives. And 31% note that another big challenge is the limited budget they must allocate across various campaigns. They can’t afford to make a mistake and waste resources. 

One way to succeed is to develop ideal customer profiles as marketers build a target account list. Understanding the type of marketing content that resonates with specific targets is key. You can help your clients learn more about their consumers and the content that influences them by running a digital audit. The tool is available at AdMall from SalesFuel.