Are Your Clients Targeting OOH TV Viewers? Should They Be?

BY Rachel Cagle
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Entertainment programming isn’t just something Americans watch at home while putting their feet up after a long day of work. According to Nielsen, consumers tend to watch these shows at all times of the day, no matter where they may be. 


Before we get into the viewing habits of the average American out-​of-​home (OOH) entertainment viewer, let’s learn more about who they are. On average, these viewers are 37 years old, earning roughly $55,000 annually. Additionally, 55% are female and 42% hold college or graduate degrees.


So, what types of entertainment programming are these Americans watching outside of their homes? The top five most popular program types are:

  • Movies: 52%
  • Live Sporting Events: 42%
  • Comedy Programs: 39%
  • Reality TV: 36%
  • Local/​National News: 34%


These viewers are watching these types and more entertainment programming options just about everywhere. About 65% of Americans tend to watch entertainment programming in another person’s home, 37% tune-​in while dining at a restaurant or bar, 21% focus on the TV while they’re working out at the gym and 21% even watch TV at work. 

What’s the best part of entertainment TV’s reach for TV advertisers? These consumers are actually still absorbing advertisements! Not only are viewers taking in the information for themselves, 60% also discuss the ads they see with the group of people they’re watching TV with. These discussions motivated about 50% to conduct online research about the product or service being advertised and more than 40% to then purchase the product or service.

About 34% of OOH entertainment watchers say that they view this type of programming numerous times on a weekly basis. If your clients are placing their TV ads during entertainment program showings, don’t you think it’s about time they started benefitting from the attention those shows and their ads receive? AudienceSCAN on AdMall from SalesFuel offers demographic information on dozens of types of TV viewers. There, you can learn exactly what types of entertainment interest your client’s target audience.