AudienceSCAN Helps Close $40,000 Sale with Local University

BY Adam Ambro
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Jacob Flaten, integrated media consultant from Sparklight Advertising, approached a Division I university in his market that was struggling to compete with other universities in terms of attracting new students.

Who Did Flaten Approach?

The school is known for its Aviation, Law and Medical school programs,” said Flaten. “The admissions department has been very eager to reach prospective students and possible graduate students by using creative new methods of advertising. Especially with video and digital methods.”

Their major challenges have been competing with other area four-​year universities, as well as the emergence of online universities.”

What Report Did Flaten Use?

Being a multiple-​time “Sell Smarter Award” winner, Flaten knew that AdMall could help convince the university his campaign would work.

AdMall PRO with the AudienceSCAN data, helped me show how much of their target audience responds to streaming video and traditional TV,” said Flaten. “The demographic reports also provided me with the right information to show how much of the population we could target using digital media.”

Final Result

[The university] purchased a 10-​month campaign, worth $40,000, using a combination of OTT/​CTV advertising with addressable targeting, and cable TV advertising.” 

Flaten’s success comes from daily routine, mixed with being AdMall-​certified and attending webinars regularly. He also has tips for new users to AdMall.

It didn’t take me long to get comfortable with AdMall. During the pandemic, I attended as many webinars as I could to learn as much as possible about AdMall and how I can maximize the information provided,” said Flaten.

I would recommend AdMall to anyone in media sales, from rookies to veterans. It is a program I wish my company had when I first started. I strongly feel it would’ve made my cold-​calling attempts to be more effective.

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