AudienceSCAN Helps Media Rep Chase Down Lead and Close Sale

BY Adam Ambro
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Jacob Flaten, of Sparklight Advertising, has been selling media for three and a half years, and for nearly all that time, two years to be exact, he’s been chasing down a client.

I’ve been chasing this landscaping prospect for two years and have been losing out to bigger agencies,” said Flaten. “I finally had a sit-​down with the marketing director and with the data from AdMall, and the notes from our previous meetings, I was able to get a campaign proposal that fit both what they wanted and the support from the data to get them a campaign they needed.”

Media rep chases down lead to close sale

According to Flaten, the landscaping business had done billboard advertising and direct mail in the past, but its competition was starting to do more digital marketing with social media. They were aware their advertising tactics were going to have to change.

AdMall’s AudienceSCAN and Local Account Intelligence Report helped with supporting data that composed the perfect proposal so we can effectively target the different audiences that they are looking to reach,” said Flaten. “The campaign consisted of SEM, display, pre-​roll, streaming and cable TV.”

We were able to agree on a $50,000 campaign,” said Flaten. “AdMall has been an amazing tool to where I have been able to meet my quarterly budget the last two quarters. Over $250,000 in sales.” 

I would recommend it to anyone in media sales, especially those who are in markets with heavy competition,” said Flaten. “In our market, we have several marketing agencies, four local broadcast networks, two radio stations, and another cable network competitor. Having this data has helped me stay more competitive and ahead of the curve.”

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