Author: Jeffrey Gitomer


The two most important words in selling

Can you guess what they are? Make money, customer service, close sales, follow up.


Will the Real Objection Please Stand Up!

The customer says, “I object!” Or does he? Is it the real objection, a stall, or a lie?


I Wanna Be a Success! I Wanna Be a Success!

What does it take to become a sales success? Why do some people make it to the top?


Don’t know the answer to a question? Turn it into a sale!

When a prospect asks a question, and you don’t know the answer, there is a universal look of terror that comes over salesperson’s face, right?


Memorable Customer Service …Where’s the Washcloth?

I flew to Hawaii last spring. First time. Seven hours in the plane makes a person a weary traveler.


Drill or Hole? What Are They Buying — and What Are You Selling?

A guy walks into a hardware store and says to the clerk, “I need a drill.” Clerk says, “Well, not really. You want to make a hole.”


The 30-Second Personal Commercial — How to Deliver it

Can you deliver? Previously, you wrote your personal commercial. Now it’s time to deliver it.


13.5 Phone Abuse Problems in Sales (and a few solutions)

Picture this: You’re about to call a prospect to follow up for the third time. At the other end of the line, your prospect is doing nothing.

power of telling

The Secrets of Telling (Selling) Your Story with Impact

How do you sell? No two salespeople sell the same way.


If You Would Do It Later — Why Wouldn't You Do It Now?

I met a guy on a plane who was an area director for a major shoe store chain. "Suppose I went into your store and the shoe I wanted was out of stock in my size — what would happen," I queried.


The Sales Actions to be Remembered are the Ones Brought

Often, what makes people buy are the little things. Little memorable things.


Making the Prospect Confident to Buy

The prospect won’t buy if he/she lacks confidence in you or your product. How do you establish buyer confidence?

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