Author: Jeffrey Gitomer


13.5 Phone Abuse Problems in Sales (and a few solutions)

Picture this: You’re about to call a prospect to follow up for the third time. At the other end of the line, your prospect is doing nothing.

power of telling

The Secrets of Telling (Selling) Your Story with Impact

How do you sell? No two salespeople sell the same way.


If You Would Do It Later — Why Wouldn't You Do It Now?

I met a guy on a plane who was an area director for a major shoe store chain. "Suppose I went into your store and the shoe I wanted was out of stock in my size — what would happen," I queried.


The Sales Actions to be Remembered are the Ones Brought

Often, what makes people buy are the little things. Little memorable things.


Making the Prospect Confident to Buy

The prospect won’t buy if he/she lacks confidence in you or your product. How do you establish buyer confidence?

get the sale

You Can’t Get the Sale ‘Til You Ask for It

Seems too simple. Just ask. In most cases to get the sale — at some point you must ask for it.


Who or What is the Cause of Aggravation? Not You, Of Course!

It’s Saturday night around 6:00 p.m. Early dinner for Jessica, Gabrielle, and me.


The Hot Air Factor. How Full of It Are You?

Sometimes salespeople get a bad rap. Sometimes they create it.


The Prospect Says, “I’m Satisfied with My Present Source.”

Great, just what you wanted to hear. But don’t discourage easily on this one; it’s actually pretty easy to get an opening and begin a relationship if you can get the prospect talking.

isolation process

The Isolation Process, A Powerful Path to More Sales

Psst — hey ‑c’mere! I’ve got a secret to tell you…Sometimes prospects will stall you, sometimes they will lie to you, sometimes they won’t tell you the real reason why they won’t purchase.


Ask the Wrong Questions, Get the Wrong Answers

The most important aspect of making a sale is also a major weakness of every salesperson: asking questions.


Want to Give The Greatest Presentation in the World?

The old adage is, “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.” Wrong. In sales it’s both.

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