Auto Dealers Can Boost EV Sales by Marketing to Younger Consumers

BY Kathy Crosett
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We’ve heard plenty about how digitally enabled consumers plan to buy everything online. It turns out that automobiles may be the exception, especially electric cars (EV). We’ve also been schooled on the topic of younger consumers being hesitant to purchase big-​ticket items. That information may also be incorrect. Auto dealerships should be targeting young buyers now, according to Urban Science research.

Younger Car Shopper Dealer Visits

One of the most promising statistics uncovered by Urban Science research is that younger consumers visit nearly four dealerships during their search for a new vehicle. Randy Berlin at Urban Science notes that these young shoppers are “not loyal to any brand yet.” This state of affairs means your clients have a great opportunity to win new customers.

A good ad campaign, whether it’s on traditional media like TV or digital formats like online video, can drive dealer foot traffic. Young buyers want to sit in vehicles and take them for test drives. While shoppers may be excited about vehicle features, price remains a key concern for first-​time car buyers. Your clients can alleviate those concerns by promoting their best leasing packages.

The Electric Vehicle Challenge

According to AudienceSCAN research, over 20% of first-​time car buyers regularly support environmental causes with their time and money. With the right ad campaigns, these consumers could be convinced to go electric with their first vehicle purchase. Encourage your clients to compare ownership costs between gas and electric vehicles in their advertising campaigns. 

The results of a Cox Automotive study found that consumer awareness of the vast array of new electric models remains low. However, that situation could be changing. A unit of Volkswagen, Electric America, is spending $42 million on awareness advertising. The advertising campaign, which will run through December 2021, seeks to normalize the concept of electric vehicle ownership.

Industry-​wide, automotive vendors and dealers remain concerned about sales volume this year. One key to success will be selling electric vehicles to younger consumers. To learn more about these buyers, check out the AudienceSCAN profiles available on AdMall from SalesFuel.