Auto Repair Services to Promote Long Term Savings When Consumers Maintain Vehicles

BY Rachel Cagle
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Working from home and social distancing isn't good for our cars. "A car parked for extended periods risks the battery losing charge, tires gaining flat spots, rubber components such as belts and wipers drying out, and critters taking residence in your engine compartment," says Consumer Reports.

In addition, vehicle idleness could mean consumers are falling behind on standard car maintenance. While social distancing is important, it's also important to keep your vehicle in prime condition in case of emergency and make auto repairs as neessary.

Consumers should be willing to don their face masks and head to their local open quick lube if their oil needs to be change. The local tire shop or auto dealership should be the destination for tire problems. And a check engine alert should prompt consumers to make an appointment with a auto repair service location and inquire about their COVID-​19 procedures.

Consumers may not be aware of the effects idleness is having on their vehicles. They can be shown through a mix of traditional and digital advertisements. Last year, Auto Repair Customers took action after receiving direct mail ads, seeing TV commercials and seeing sponsored search results.

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