The Average Asian-​American Spends $1,151 Each Year Shopping Online

BY Rachel Cagle
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"Asian Americans’ preference for everything digital boils down to two things: convenience and customization, according to Nielsen. What if they’re away from the TV? No problem, as most programs can be streamed on a smartphone. What if they want news designed specifically for them? That’s easy, by tuning into an online Asian-​American news show broadcast. The convenience that mobile devices have brought to digital content platforms can also be found in the ever-​growing world of e‑commerce, where Asian Americans lead, both in total dollars spent and in number of purchases made."

"Asian-​American consumers spend an average of $1,151 on internet purchases per year, 20% higher than non-​Hispanic white consumers, and over-​index non-​Hispanic white consumers for online purchasing at every dollar level over $500. A further examination shows the Asian-​American e‑commerce market is formidable and primed for continued growth in the future."

"As with any conversation about the impact of technology on business, millennials are a logical starting point. Asian-​American millennials are more likely to purchase a variety of items online than their non-​Hispanic white counterparts, including clothing and accessories (13% more likely), airline tickets (53% more likely) and health and beauty items (34% more likely). This shows that, even in a millennial generation that has fully integrated digital devices into their daily routines, Asian-​American millennials stand out."

According to AudienceSCAN, 25- to 34-​year-​olds make up 27.7% of the Asian-​American audience as a whole, and 17- to 24-​year-​olds make up almost another 16 percent.

"Equally as impressive is the outsized online shopping of all Asian-​American adults. They are more likely than their non-​Hispanic white counterparts to purchase products online, like movie tickets (75% more likely), health and beauty items (59% more likely) and consumer electronics (34% more likely)."

"While Asian Americans' affinity for online purchasing is a powerful trend for brands and advertisers to track today, a historical examination reveals that the growth of Asian-​American online consumption is sustained and impactful. Asian Americans’ online spend has grown tremendously just in the past year for many non-​food home products. Notably, Asian Americans spent 46.8% more on cosmetics, 40% more on skin care preparations and 17.5% more on hair care online last year than in 2016."

"There is an incredible opportunity for beauty and personal care companies to design and market products that appeal to Asian-​American consumers. These companies must ensure their products are readily available to purchase online in order to meet demand with supply."

It's just just e‑commerce either. According to AudienceSCAN, within the last six months, 40.5% of Asian-​Americans have used a mobile device to purchase a product. So, be sure sites are m‑commerce compatible as well.

"Asian-​American consumers are cost-​conscious and utilize the internet to compare prices prior to making a purchase. In fact, 72% of Asian Americans like to compare prices across different sites before making an online purchase, and 72% say a free shipping offer attracts them to an online shopping site. Additionally, 73% of Asian-​American consumers say they prefer purchasing online at a fixed price, as opposed to bidding auction-​style, where the price for a product may surpass the actual value."

"In order for brands to appeal to Asian-​American consumers and to ensure they’re well-​positioned to earn this powerful consumer group’s dollars, new product launches and campaigns should include a robust e‑commerce option. Companies should also be cognizant of how they design their online user experience, emphasizing bargains, deals and paying great attention to customization."

So, what's the best way to advertise to these avid online shoppers? According to AudienceSCAN, the most effective advertising medium within the past year was TV, with 59.8% of Asian-​Americans taking action after seeing commercials. Direct mail ads/​coupons also inspired 58.2% of this shopping group to take action within the same time period. Now, that doesn't mean digital shouldn't be included in a campaign. Last year, 55.6% of Asian-​Americans took action after seeing a sponsored search result and 55.1% reacted to emails.

AudienceSCAN data is available for your applications and dashboards through the SalesFuel API. Media companies and agencies can access AudienceSCAN data through the AudienceSCAN Reports in AdMall.